Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How to Have Great Sex with your Hair!

Some time ago, I was told that a woman's relationship with her hair should be just like great sex. I wasn't sure if the comment was legit or not, but I pursued it. I learned that in fact, it was quite correct. Everything you do with and to (and for) your hair, should be loving and with passionate committment. It can be tender and gentle, or occasionally demanding and breathtaking, but always fun, wonderfully satisfying and fulfilling.

Well, okay, that's pretty damn good sex!!! Now translating all that steam into hair care takes a bit of doing. But here goes. (And I'm not going point by point, just the overall theme so you don't get bored.)  Most of us gals have hair. You young 'uns have glorious tresses, while we ladies of what the French so gallantly call "une age certaine" need to cherish our now less-than-glorious locks. So the whole overall health thing...you know that. Eat right, exercise, die anyway. lol Sorry, but that's on one of hubby's t-shirts. Still laugh when I see it.  But I digress.

Here's a sad fact. Your hair is dead. RIP. Sorry, but it's DEAD proteiny-keratin stuff. Your scalp, however is vibrantly alive and you want to keep it that way. So...one thing that I've found to be a delight and also a benefit is a little something called a scalp brush. (Pics scattered throughout and they link to the appropriate item on Amazon, because...well, you know...Amazon).

Scalp Brush

This little puppy fits into the palm of your hand quite securely and once up against your scalp you can rub gently for a massage or a little more firmly for a stimulating scalp scrub. (Yes, there are sexual parallels here. LOL)  I use this when I have a good shampoo lather and it feels awesome. Plus I've found that I get less oily buildup at the roots and can occasionally skip an extra day between shampoos. For a few bucks I think this was a good investment. It works on long hair, something I wasn't sure about. So for shorter hair...instant spa for your scalp.

A word about shampoo here. The "sulfate-free" or "no-poo" movement is gaining steam. I am TOTALLY on board with NO SULFATES. Have been for quite a few years now, since I first indulged in a pot of WEN cleansing conditioner   [Have someone buy you a trial size of this stuff. It's worth trying and smells terrific. Strange at first though and bloody expensive.] Sulfates function as surfactants...which foam up. They're in a whole buttload of products from cleansers to shaving cream. While they're certainly a "safe" chemical addition, when it comes to hair their cleaning process can very easily strip away the things you want to keep along with the things you don't. If you color your hair, you should be especially aware of this - ask your stylist or try sulfate free shampoos after each color to keep it fresher longer. Thankfully there are tons of new sulfate-free shampoos appearing daily. I'm surprised Pantene hasn't jumped on the bandwagon, along with some other major brand names, but one of the best, IMHO, is this one.

L'Oreal EverSleek Shampoo
L'Oreal got it right...the shampoo/conditioner are separate for people who are used to using both and have a hard time using only one product. Plus this comes in assorted varieties (Sleek, Pure, Strength, Color Care, Dry and so on.) They smell lovely, work very well and my own results? Very very nice indeed.

Now you've shampooed, conditioned (or both at once) and you're ready to go to the final phase - drying it all off.  So...going back to sex for a minute (Hey. Look what I write. don't judge me.) DO NOT RUB LIKE YOU'RE DRYING A WET DOG.  Rubbing your wet hair is cruel. Your hair - if it were alive - would be screaming. Wrap it in a towel. Blot it. Better still, wrap it in an old tshirt, squeeze it gently, then just put a towel around your shoulders to catch the drips while you dry the rest of you. It's entirely up to you whether you use an appliance here. If you blow dry (see? Sex again. This blog title is spot on! LOL) or use a flat iron/curling iron or ANY heat...please protect your tender clean strands? Again, L'Oreal has a lovely leave-in spray conditioner. Lightweight and non-damaging, it'll help you comb through your damp locks and also add a little shine. I use it along with some Moroccan Argan oil which I rub between my palms and then stroke over the lower half of my hair as I'm detangling it. Yes, you can mix products...try a styling cream and a glossing serum...a little of each, or my favorite - a keratin spray and a dollop of pure Argan oil. Whatever works for YOU!!! It's your hair.
Oil-infusing Flat Iron

For dedicated flat iron users, I'll throw this one out - I have one of these...it infuses oil into your hair via a steam system, fed by an oil-filled tank on one arm. Very clever and softens the hair while smoothing it. Hubs got me one for Christmas (I sent him the link lol) and I am very happy with it.

The take away from all this? Your hair is a precious commodity. It may be dead stuff, but it's still part of who you are. Look at it as fine silk or cashmere and treat it as you would a valued and delicate piece of fabric. Explore new products, research your hair and what others recommend, and always keep in mind that you are an individual. You are allowed to choose your own path.

So...next time you reach for that shampoo - ask yourself if it's time to move on from the missionary position and try something new and adventurous.  In other words, it's time to have great sex with your hair!!!!
Happy Hairgasms!!!