Friday, August 31, 2012

Just a little romance...

Can there ever be such a thing? When the subject of this BlogHop was announced, I pondered for some time over the content. (Actually I was waiting for my coffee to perk, but pondering seemed like a good thing to do right then.)

The way I see it, thoughts of romance vary as we make our irregular and unique paths through our lives. From the moment when we first sigh as the Prince kisses Snow White, to the moment we shiver while we watch Westley kissing Buttercup (one of the six greatest kisses of all time), through the purely elemental response of our bodies to George Clooney kissing anything at all, even Brad Pitt (and that's another subject for another time LOL) - our appreciation for and attitude toward romance changes.

When dating, we look for that bolt of lightning to strike. Whether it's inside a pair of blue eyes, or held in the palm of a warm hand to be discharged at that first contact, we want it. We know it'll knock us off our platform wedges and make our eyelashes curl. It's going to happen - because everyone says it does. (Please note: Everyone is an unspecified part of speech. Everyone eats avocados down to the pit; flosses three times a day and never has irregularity issues. Dunno who everyone is, but someday I'd like to say hello. Then kick 'em.)

Once we've gotten serious about someone, we know the romance changes. From the excitement of waiting for him to arrive to pick us up, it becomes a more breathless kind of waiting - the kind that happens when he gets stuck trying to figure out the clasp of our bras. Unless you're dating an engineer, then you have to wait while he re-designs a more efficient system. Sigh.

And then there's the romance of walking up the aisle (or forest path, or beach stroll or...fill in your preference here...) to launch a new life in the arms of your beloved. That's not only romance, it's a gamble of biblical proportions. But where love is involved, all bets are off.

And so life progresses. Romance, in its roses-and-rainbows incarnation, slowly gives way to a surprise bottle of wine, or an evening stolen together to share a smooth scotch by the fire. Romance is replaced by the soul-deep joy of family, the challenges of making one's way through the hazardous shoals littering the road to happiness.

But does it ever die out? Hell no. It's always there. Not every day, not all the time. Sometimes it's clearly front and center. Other times it sneaks up, taps you on the shoulder, smiles at you for a second or two and then it's gone. It hides in the eyes of your lover or warms the arms of your husband. It gleams in a sunset, flashes in the twinkle of the first star and glows all over a full moon.

It never gives up. And neither should you. Whether between the pages of a book or in your own special manifestation, keep believing in romance. Because I reckon the world is a better place with a whole lot of it.

I hope you agree!

Cheers, Sahara Kelly

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Are you ready for some BlogHop excitement?

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