Sunday, January 1, 2012

And where will YOU be in 2012????

Enquiring minds want to know!!!

Yes, I'm one of them, and this question is really for readers (although anyone can answer. It's all good!!) I'm conducting a totally unscientific survey which won't impact anything at all, and lest you're concerned - or from Iowa - let me reassure you that politics is NOT involved. I would love to know where you readers will be hanging out this upcoming year.

There's more than a few conventions out there, and they seem to be proliferating like dust bunnies under my bed. So, since I had the most blissful time in 2011 connecting with readers at smaller events, I figured I'd get a head start on my travel schedule and find out where you folks plan on heading to get your romance novel/literary fix!

There are state-sponsored book festivals, most notably the Tucson Festival of Books, and I plan on going to that one if the gods are with me. It's in March. April is, of course, pretty much reserved for RT, but leave that one out, because it's nowhere near as good a chance to actually connect with readers.

There's Brenda Novak/Christine Feehan's thing out West (February?) and then we get into RomCon (Denver..June?) Lori Foster's gettogether (also June, I think, Ohio), the new RomFest (Gatlinburg, June) and AAD (August, New Orleans.) Probably a couple more in between those and Lora Leigh's Reader Appreciation Weekend (October, maybe).

Those are just the ones I'm pulling out of my memory. I'm definitely on for RT Chicago. Tucson is tentative right now, and I'd love to do RomFest, because they have Dr. Bill Bass, founder of the Body Farm, as guest lecturer. Wow. (Drools and grabs notebook). I'm also definitely on for RAW in October.

The chance to sit down and yak with readers, one on one, no time constraints or panels or formalities - well, it's turned out to be one of the great pleasures of my writing world. I hadn't realized what I was missing until I went to Philly and AAD, where I was enchanted by readers and bloggers and all the folks I'd never had chance to hang with on such a relaxed level. Then came RAW and the joy overflowed. We shared drinks, meals, dances and snowstorms. We laughed, played UNO and watched the World Series. Again, I got to spend time with other writers as well as new reader friends. (Hi Book Obsessed Chicks!!! [waves]) It was just fabulous from start to finish and reinforced my desire to make sure that from now on I get to do more of it.

Hence my question. Where will YOU be this year? Any favorite conferences? I'd love to hear your plans. Not sure if the budget will let me do too many of these events and I can say now I won't be doing AAD, sadly, because New Orleans in August, even with air conditioning, is still close to the fifth level of hell for those of us who aren't fond of heat. But if you let me know where you're thinking about going, it'll help me weed the list down to the essentials. I'd love to meet you/see you again. It's what I'm happiest doing. I suck at blogs and get a D- in Social Networking, my best efforts notwithstanding. So help me out here, ladies and gents. Where ya gonna be?

And just for giggles, I figured I'd end with this delightful - and spot-on - cartoon! For my colleagues in the biz! LMAO

Wishing you all a great 2012 no matter where your travels take you!!

Sahara Kelly

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Melissa N. said...

I'll be going to RT this year. AAD in Philly was my first ever book conference so I'm looking forward to seeing the spectacle that is RT!