Monday, September 5, 2011

It's about TIME...or the lack thereof!

The old Byrds song says "To everything there is a time..." Clearly, it was written long before social networking emerged as THE thing to do with every spare waking moment. Now I have nothing against Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or whatever. Nor Goodreads, Shelfari, Yahoo groups, other groups and (I made that up, don't look for it!) All these things serve a need, and that's fine. We have an Internet, we might as well use it for some fun.

However, I find myself asking something more and more often these the HELL do you folks find the time for all this??? There are those weeks when I realize I've lost a Tuesday somewhere. Others when I can't remember how many cups of coffee I had that morning. And I don't have several kids who need mothering, or extensive family responsibilities. Between my regular life, my writing life and the occasional trip out for necessities (milk and shoes), my day is busy. I budget time for getting my car serviced or visiting my MD to get my own oil levels checked. I squeeze in hair appointments and the occasional facial. I figure I'm an average woman, who probably has a lighter than usual load because I work at home. And I find it hard to get over to Twitter or Facebook and check what everyone's saying. I haven't made it to Goodreads at all in a while, other than to add a new book.

So am I doing something wrong? I manage a comment or two, usually in the mornings before my day gets into gear. (Sort of warming up my engine if we stick with the automotive theme here.) Why is it that there are people out there who post every four and a half minutes (on Twitter) or at least ten times a day (on Facebook)? Should I be one of them? Would that endear me to readers or just piss 'em off? I will admit to being a tad irked at those Tweeters who seem to think that an hour without a Tweet from them is an hour without sunshine. Here's a clue. It AIN'T. And you know who you are....

For those folks who are, apparently, glued to their keyboards, I'd like to offer today's suggestion. LET GO.

And for myself, I probably need to organize life a little better and find time to post on both Facebook AND Twitter on the same day. But then again, if I allow for some free time, I might well do something outrageous like take a walk. Or worse - read a book. Who knows? The possibilities are endless. (God, I need to do my nails! Tweeze nose hair. Vacuum behind the piano.)

Yes, Twitter and Facebook and all the others have earned a place in our cyber-filled lives. I love catching up and looking at Kitty photos. Really. Even ugly cats are cute and make me smile. I've found videos I might have otherwise missed and they made me laugh for ages. And I've kept in touch with family during earthquakes and hurricanes. The social networks WORK.

But should they grow like a weed in our internet gardens? IMHO NO!!! A small part of my day goes to "checking in". I worry about those who seem to be there all day long. And here's an image I'd like you to think about... Any questions?

Happy Labor Day,

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