Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Five Reasons to be Happy Summer's Over

Last night the Harvest Moon billowed hugely in the sky, reminding me that yes, it is going to be officially autumn very shortly. And I, for one, am rather glad. So - because that's what blogs are for - I figured I'd bore you nice people with my reasons for happily waving farewell to summer. Ain't I kind?

Reason One:  BAD HAIR DAYS.

This may seem trivial to some, but for those of us afflicted with that dread condition known as FRIZZ, summer is mostly a nightmare. No matter how much hard-earned cash we drop at the drugstore, none of the products really work. We graduate to Internet suppliers, and max out our credit cards trying to get some mysterious lotion from the petals of a flower that only grows in the depths of the Amazon river basin and flowers once every forty-five years. At night. When it's raining. And that stuff ain't cheap. Does it work? NO!!!!  So autumn is more than welcome, since the dryer days require very little in the way of "product" and we don't get asked where we buried our nuts!


Yeah, maybe it's me, but my teeth hurt when I see guys with pale legs wearing shorts, white sneakers and black freakin' socks. I found this shot of one of my favorite people, the unarguably brilliant Jon Stewart, committing this fashion faux pas. And he's got decent legs. I know black socks are probably comfortable. They don't need much attention in the morning...grab two and put one on each foot. I'm good with that, since mornings aren't really my best time of the day either. But guys? Please? Not with white sneakers? Or really pale legs? The socks make your legs look like vanilla popsicles. And even the best legs aren't going to come off looking like anything I'd want to go dancing with tomorrow night.

Reason Three: BUGS!

Do I need to add anything here? Probably not. Other than I'm sure they serve a purpose on this earth, but damned if I can figure out what the hell it is.


God knows why, but the fact that it's hot and we want to wear the least amount of clothing possible makes some of us put on things that we really shouldn't. And I mean REALLY shouldn't.  So if either of these are you, please...don't do this again?


The tiny little bite of frost creeping in to the morning air; the scent of chrysanthemums and that first fire in the fireplace...the one blissful day when I can wear a sweatshirt, and go for a walk to see this...

 Yes, it really is this gorgeous. If you've not had the chance to experience it yourself, then make a plan to come visit. You won't regret it, I promise.

And someday, I'll figure out how to get this damned blog to look the way I want it to. Sigh

Happy Autumn, everyone!!