Sunday, October 10, 2010

Getting What We Deserve - Mid Terms and Apathy

By now, most US residents have realized that something's afoot in the political world. That something's called "Mid Terms" and it refers to the elections that come half way between Presidential ones. To many of us, they're not as important as the biggie, but to those running for something - well, they're right up there with the Day of Judgement and the invention of stretch jeans. i.e. Life changing events.

Whether you're Democrat, Republican, Independent, Tea Party or Sam Adams Party (that's the one for college kids who are ready for a revolution but too drunk to start one), there's probably a candidate out there somewhere just aching to get your vote. The hitch? You (and your vote) don't really care very much. That particular Tuesday it might be raining and you got your hair done on Monday. Or it's the day you water your plants, shampoo your cat, change the batteries in your smoke detector and/or chat with the mailman. In other words, it's too damn inconvenient to plonk your ass into your car and drive to the polling place where you probably can't park, have to push through throngs of placard-holding cheerleaders, none of whom support your party, and generally mess up your day.

Nah. Why the hell bother? It's only an election for the local dog catcher/town manager/comptroller. With a line item for governor and state rep. Just local crap and you're sick of the tv ads by now anyway. You've tuned them out for the last three months because...well, there was Halloween candy calling your name during commercial breaks. And the ultimate persuader? You live in North BlanketyBlank, a state that's been voting in Democrats since before you were a twinkle in your Democratic father's eye. What does one more vote matter?

Well, guess what? All your Democratic fellows are thinking the same thing. You'll see 'em filling the mall or doing the usual Tuesday things. And the result...drum roll please... a REPUBLICAN gets elected, because the Democrats had a thing...and didn't make it to the polls.

Yes, we get the politicians we deserve, my friends. Those of us who couldn't be bothered to take fifteen minutes and register our political sentiments deserved to get an elected official who will be voting in exactly the opposite way we'd wanted. We could have made a difference if apathy hadn't raised it's ugly head.

So this time around, when mid-term voting day arrives, I'm gonna do my best to get out to the polls and register my preferences. At least then I'll know the politician I get is either the one I deserve or the one I ended up with because the rest of my fellow voters are idiots.

Not really comforting, but then again, how else do you explain the Senate?

Please vote. Remember there's a whole lotta places on the face of this planet where voting is a rare freedom. Places where voters run the risk of being attacked and beaten - or worse. Where women still can't vote at all.

Doesn't matter to me who you vote FOR. What does matter is that you do it. We might not have much to celebrate when it comes to the Federal Government these days (I support the First Dog Party myself), and most of us are sick and tired of all the negativity, failure to accomplish anything halfway useful and the fact that the economy is stuck in the mud like a tractor with two flat tires on a rainy day. Maybe one vote won't change this - but then again one vote might just be the pebble that started the avalanche. And perhaps that vote will be yours...

Sahara Kelly

FLAVIA'S FLYING CORSET - coming from Samhain Publishing - November, 2010