Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting the LOOK (not the stares of shock!)

I make no apologies for being a "girly" type woman. I like girly things. No, my house isn't pink (although I do have some small pink Christmas trees), and I don't have a little pink poof of a dog. I'll leave that sort of thing to the Barbara Cartland wannabes. However, I like pretty dresses. I like the feel of silk on my skin and I'm fascinated by really expensive lingerie. I don't buy it, of course, because really expensive lingerie only comes in size "Not with that butt, toots".

So when I decided a while ago that it was time I developed a "style" for myself that didn't include t-shirts with coffee stains on them, ancient sweatpants dating back to the fall of Rome and a couple of hubby's shirts, I asked myself how I really wanted to dress. And you know something? That's a VERY tough question to answer truthfully.

It's much too easy to say, well I'm a housewife (or writer) who is mostly at home. I don't do fancy dinner parties, red-carpet events or charity balls. So I shouldn't be thinking of myself in sweeping gowns, chiffon or sparklies.

Then I paused and thought - why the hell NOT??? Just because I go to the supermarket a gazillion times more than I go to evening parties doesn't mean I should live in jeans. Just because I sit in front of my computer for many hours (which explains the cotton clad butt and lack of expensive lingerie) doesn't demand I populate my closets with workout gear.

Au contraire, my friends. I had an epiphany. I CAN get the look I want. The softly romantic, ultra feminine ME that lurks beneath the ten-year-old baseball shirt. I'm not going to chuck the practical stuff, but I am going to add the odd piece of flirtatious fashion now and again. Why? Because it will make ME feel GOOD. And I don't think there's a darn thing wrong with that.

So...if you're into the girly stuff, read on. If you're not, then you might want to wave bye-bye before you get a bit nauseous. But if you yearned for one or two of Rose's gowns from Titanic; if you've got a bit of Faery in you and have been known to flit about when you're alone trailing a sheer from your laundry basket behind you, then stick with me. Because I'd like to introduce you to a designer you're gonna love.

Her name is Nataya. I believe she's Russian, and all you have to do is Google her to find out her life story. I didn't, simply because it's her designs that have enthralled me, not her private life, which I believe should be her own.

She presents collections that make a girly-girl weep. Soft pastels with a detour into black or berry shades. The occasional lavender or accent color lifting a dress into the realm of spectacular. Mostly dresses, Nataya turns her hand to creations which exemplify the true spirit of everything feminine - hugging curves without strangling them, floating around legs in a graceful way reminiscent of those wonderful 1930's gowns. Take a look at her website to get a better idea. Pretty neat stuff, huh?

And yes, many of these come in "women's sizes", (i.e. human sized) so there's usually something for everyone. Now there's a hefty price tag on most of these clothes - they're unique and I'm not surprised to see them cost more than something off the rack at Macy's. However, with some diligence, you may get lucky and find one or two Nataya dresses or outfits on eBay. I lucked into a shawl recently - a rare find since most of them are no longer available. It takes time and patience, but the buys are out there.

If you're eager enough to pursue them, here's one place I absolutely recommend. The Romance of Yesteryear offers a delicious assortment of Nataya dresses, and the prices on many of them are much more reasonable. Since Nataya presents new collections each year, you'll find previous years' dresses marked down. And how can you tell? You can't. They're all gorgeous. The folks at this website are helpful, shipping is rapid and their communications are great. I've bought several items now and I heartily recommend you check them out. No, I don't get a kickback - I wish I did. LOL This is just for those who love to "waft", as much as I do. There ain't a damn thing wrong with wafting now and again.

And let's face it, you just can't waft effectively in sweatpants!

Happy girl time,

P.S. The Romance of Yesteryear also has everything from teacups to sealing wax to velvet corsets, so even if you don't want to look at the Nataya collection, I bet you'll find something else really neat!!! Gotta love websites like this. They validate the usefulness of the Internet a helluva lot better than all those XXX mudpuddles, IMHO.

~ ~ ~ ~