Friday, May 28, 2010

Yes, I'd like some FRY with that.....

I'll confess, I'm not a big twitterer. You won't find me chirping from the branches of trees morning, noon, late afternoon or anytime after dark. Mostly because I'm boring and don't have anything to tweet about. (Not that that particular concern stops others, but I digress...)

Of course, when I first succumbed to the whole tweet-thing, I found some favorite celebrities and followed them. Big whoop there. Most of 'em shut the hell up within two days of my becoming a follower. Look guys, I'm NOT a stalker, okay? You were up asked for it. Fortunately, one or two have stuck it out - nay, gone further with it than I'd ever expected.

The erudite, witty and truly amazing Stephen Fry is one of them. You simply HAVE to go check this chap out!!!

If his name doesn't immediately ring a bell, here's a hint or two. For the past couple of seasons he's played a psychiatrist/chef on BONES, counseling Booth after the clown-shooting incident. And, I venture to say, adding a soupcon of freshness to that series. Something it BADLY needs. (Sorry. Digressing again.) Not a BONES fan? How about BLACKADDER? Rowan Atkinson snabbled both Stephen Fry and his long-time cohort, Hugh Laurie (yeah, House!!) as players in the Blackadder series. And if you've missed THIS, go rent it. You're in for a treat!

So, with luck, you're now up to speed on Stephen Fry. But they say...there's more.

Exxhibiting his innate brilliance, Mr. Fry has not shunned the Internet, but embraced it with big sloppy kisses. He tweets regularly - and this man leads an interesting life. A shining example of who should and who shouldn't tweet regularly. I don't think he's baked cookies since I've been following him. He has a website, a blog, a facebook page and has now developed an app for iPads - probably also for iPhones. Not sure about that. He's way ahead of the curve in things technical.

He's unashamed of his fascination with beeping, flashing, smooth and shiny things. He enjoys his iPad, seems to be extraordinarily comfortable with his iPhone but also has other brands as well. His blog is literate, a delight to read...for those of us who prefer our words to be spelled out in more than two letters and an alphanumeric symbol...and an enchanting break from the mundane.

He's also very funny indeed, in that delightfully British way. His humor is subtle, intelligent, gentle and occasionally draws blood with the most delicate of cuts. Am I going to sound like a snob if I say it's really wonderful to read a blog written by someone who isn't afraid of the English language? I hope not, because that's not my intention. But when I devoured his comments about all things Apple recently, I was struck by the lucid and flowing prose. The genuine appreciation of how words can be arranged to present an elegant argument.

I laughed, nodded and frowned occasionally. I read all three pages (no pictures at all). I realized how much I'd missed the joy of literary creativity. There wasn't one mundane oath or textual abbreviation. It was not unlike standing at the edge of the Atlantic ocean after a year of paddling in a child's back garden pool.

Yes, I do like Stephen Fry. As a writer, a performer and a Tweeter. (Not sure if that's the right word because it sounds like Woofer should be in there somewhere. Sigh.)

If you're looking to freshen your palate and rediscover a rapidly-fading age where words really mattered, check him out. I'll post the link below.

And that's why I'd really like some FRY with just about everything!

Sahara Kelly

Website of Stephen Fry, writer, actor, humorist