Friday, May 14, 2010

RT - Another Time-warping Surreal Delight!

I've postulated more than once that RT Conventions do something horridly complex to the space-time continuum. A wormhole emerges that distorts our perceptions of reality, we approach the Event Horizon clutching our Schwartzchild knockoff purses and before we know it we're dumped back into the rather mundane existence which comprises 99% of our everyday lives.

But ooooh...that one percent ride!!!

This year's convention in Columbus was no different. Eleven months of preparation, a day of traveling (URGH) and then whoosh!!! Friends, laughter, fun, rushing hither and yon for coffee, drinks, bagels and seminar rooms. Changing shoes, grabbing a quick shower, figuring out which floor the next event was on and then going the wrong way to get there. Costumes and booksignings, agendas and handouts, loud nights at the bar and quiet mornings with hungover buddies as we all attempted to return to our "human" selves with massive infusions of Einstein's/Starbucks' caffeine.

Is there an adequate way to describe an RT Convention? I really don't think so because it's something different for each attendee. Authors go with one goal in mind, aspiring authors another. Readers - yet another. Librarians, publishers, booksellers, everyone is a card-carrying devotee of the written word, yet all bring their own interests with them. It makes for a wonderfully rich stew, seasoned with smiles and with a large pinch of laughter along with a heaping helping of camaraderie.

There are always ups and downs, gossip flies, some friends miss each other, others can't make it at the last minute. Love affairs probably rise and fall, and of course there are the eternally lovely cover models to look at. It's all part of what makes RT so unique. This year's convention was no exception. An excitingly full attendance, some new names, and a centrally located bar - truly a recipe for a great time.

And yes, I had a really great time on so many levels. For me, the agenda begins and ends with seeing friends again and making new ones. Of course I'm happy to talk books, but I can do that anytime, either in person or online. What I can't do is reach out and touch a reader. Hug a friend until they squeak. I can't lean up against a warm shoulder when I'm tired and know that shoulder feels the same way I do about romance novels. (And if I'm lucky will either buy me another drink or make sure I get to my room WITH both my shoes! LOL)

Being one of the unlucky ones who came home with the "Convention crud", I spent the post-RT crash week sneezing, coughing and heavily medicated. Perhaps that's a good way to get through the depression that seems to hit in the aftermath. But that's simply a reflection of what a great time I had. And of course I can't wait for next year!!!

I'm going to Los Angeles, unless the Fates conspire against me in some dire fashion. I've never been there, so that's an added incentive. But most of all? I'll be there hugging, laughing, drinking and doing some more hugging.

Because humans need that personal touch. And writers need that "reader-touch" to keep them smiling and motivated. I wouldn't have it any other way.


(Thankfully off most of the medications!!!)