Saturday, January 30, 2010

About this Blog...

My name is Sahara Kelly and I'm a writer. Mostly of erotic fiction, with emphasis on the romance. However, that's not all I do. Occasionally I think about other things, and that's why this blog has a title I unabashedly stole from Monty Python.

You won't find bookcovers here. No reviews, raves, promo or gushing about how great my current release is (which is, of course, code for "go out and buy the damn thing"). If you want to know about my books - which I hope you do - my website link is here for your convenience. This may make me one of the few writers on the web who isn't plugging everything she's written in the last geological era to readers who are probably about as fed up with it all as I am. Personally, I'm charmed to discover other folks out there who write as a profession but do, from time to time, lift their heads out of their stories and look around them. Sure, they may be blinking like a deer in the headlights, but what the hell. At least they're looking at life outside their books.

That's what this blog will be about. Life, the Universe - and everything! (Thank you, Douglas Adams.) It's for people who want a chuckle, enjoy a good rant now and again, and have a working awareness of how we live our lives. For people who read all genres of literature, not just erotic fiction. Even people who wouldn't read erotic fiction if you held a loaded gun to their heads. It's for people who watch CNN as well as the Food Network. For those who've never heard of American Idol to those with pictures of Simon Cowell in their bedrooms. (God help you!) I hope to entertain many of you and most likely offend more than a few.

Please comment. Flip me the verbal bird if you feel like it or tell me why you agree. I'm a believer in the First Amendment, but remember this is a public venue. Free speech doesn't include peppering a post with obscenties. Especially if you're NOT making a point. I reserve the right to shoot those into File 13. (Translation: delete the suckers.)

So here it is, in all it's shiny glory - an artistic match for my website. I note that I don't have as much hair as I did when that profile pic was taken, since a lot got ripped out during the creation of both website and this blog. Sigh. It'll grow back, I guess.