Sunday, September 28, 2014

Madness, Sadness and Moving On.

Anyone in our profession cannot have escaped the recent furor erupting amidst cries of foul play, finger-pointing, blame games and disillusionment. I cannot speak to this - it's too heartbreaking.

Fourteen years ago, give or take, I began to produce books on the Internet. Strange things, they were, these eBooks. Few knew of them, even fewer dared try one or two, but eventually they caught on and the wild ride began. In those days we were pioneers - covered eWagons heading into uncharted lands.  Truly fabulous writers - Kate Douglas, Angela Knight, Diane Whiteside, Shelby Morgen and Treva Harte to name a few - these ladies led the way, bringing incredible talent to an increasingly large gathering of authors finding delight in this new form of literature. One publisher stood with us and for us, and for that I shall be forever grateful.

Sadly, times have changed drastically.  To my readers - my website has now reflected these changes.  I have acquired the rights back to almost all my works formerly published through a certain site - and the few that remain have purchase links to major vendors only. This is because record keeping isn't the easiest of chores (I know, believe me. Mine suck), and I think Bezos probably has a good system going.  I have removed the returned books from my website.

Yes, they'll be re-released, of course. Brushed up, dusted off, brand new shiny covers - and prices in line with today's markets and budgets. I'll be joining the many other writers offering their older works to brand new generations of iPad/Kindle addicts.  It's odd to realize that when my first books were released the people buying them now were FOUR YEARS OLD. OMG. Pass the Geritol. LOL

This is a personal response to what has become a series of continuing disillusionments. I have watched in dismay as a situation that could have been easily rectified has exploded into something that defies description. I have watched people who I admired early in my career disappoint me more than I could imagine. And my heart aches for the business I'm in...the business of being a writer.

I have often offered the opinion that our profession is mutable, continuously re-inventing itself at dazzling speeds. It's a roller-coaster ride with giddying heights and sickening plunges. Technology-driven evolution was inevitable, but this current situation was neither destined or predictable. It's just sad.

I'm sad for myself and my colleagues, for those of us who have always believed in the story and committed to giving our readers the best that we could achieve. I hope to continue to do that, and I'm sure my peers concur. I also hope to continue to speak my piece, air my thoughts on this blog and pepper the world with terrible puns, the occasional bit of snark and - of course - multiple cat photos.

I would be shattered to think that my opinions were not only not respected, but treated as inflammatory or otherwise insulting.  I have to wonder why, in a world where cyberbullying has led to the ultimate tragedy in too many cases, opinions stated clearly and without offense are deemed libelous. But then again, I'm not familiar with much of anything except the Fourth Amendment. It seems that even that might be not quite what I imagined anymore.

Yes, times they are a changing'.  And I must change with them, as must we all.

This time, it's a very, VERY challenging thing to do.

Sahara Kelly

DON'T LOOK AWAY - Three book series - releasing October 4-5, 2014

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day Three of My New Life, or Musings on Humans from a kitty's perspective.

Hello, my name is Odin. A god's name, so quite appropriate for me, since I am a cat (or will be soon) and my people were once revered as gods.

I want to tell you about my new life. I picked my humans on the weekend, and - obedient to my will - they brought me here, to my new home.  I like it. There's lots of room to run around, lots of toys to play with and always lots of cuddles.  My Daddy is very big but laughs when I chew the laces on his sneakers. He's gentle even though he has a loud voice and when I got tired he let me sleep tucked under his chin. It was warm.

My sister (huh) Simone, doesn't like me. She says rude things in cat, and must have a cold since she clears her throat a lot. I have tried to show her how to play with all the toys and even tried to help her learn how to play with me. She didn't like that either. But this morning we both had our breakfasts in the same room. She was down the other end, of course. And I like helping her, since if she doesn't manage to eat everything, I'll go and finish it for her. It's the least I can do. And because I'm only two pounds, Mummy says I need some meat on my bones. I do wait until she's not looking to eat sister's breakfast, but I know she wouldn't mind too much.

I love my Mummy human. She plays with me and holds me when I get sleepy. She has nice gentle hands and wears fluffy things at night that I like to knead. It helps me sleep. She stays with me so I'm always happy and safe, and even though I know she loves sister too, I feel like I'm her special boy. She says she's happy I'm here and that I'm going to have the best life now, since mine didn't get off to a very good start. She's a good mummy. I don't remember my own. I just know I'm very glad to be living with these humans and finding out what it means to be loved even though I don't look like the other kitties. I don't think anyone cared about me before. They took one of my eyes out because it was sick, but I never got this kind of love.

I try and entertain them in return - last night I played hide and seek with Mummy and she couldn't find me anywhere. I was behind the game box in the entertainment unit place. She couldn't see me and walked right past me. It was very funny until I realized I was stuck and couldn't get out. So finally I had to scrabble around and she came and got me out. She said she was worried about me, and I felt bad, but then she kissed me and cuddled me and it was all good. We went to sleep together on the big couch thing. I heard Mummy's back crick and she woke up, sniffed, coughed and told me I was her precious little stinker. I can't help it if this new food gives me a little bit of gas, now, can I?

I have a doctor human too. Yesterday I went to see her. The place smelled nasty but they were quite nice until I had to drink yucky stuff to make my tummy okay. I don't want worms, whatever they are. The doctor human told Mummy and Daddy that I was a bit small for my age - hey human, I'm a god, remember... but that I was perfectly healthy. Even though I only have one eye. She loved the furry tufts in my ears and said I might have a bit of Maine Coon cat in me, even though I have a tail. I'm not sure what that meant, but I will assume Maine Coon is a god too.

Mummy keeps trying to take pictures of me, because I am so handsome I suppose. But I have a lot to do, toys to play with, new places to explore, piss the hell out of sister, and of course my routine perimeter checks. No time to pose for her camera thing. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to get up to that really flat place where there are good food smells. I just can't quite make it yet. But I will.

So far, my life here is pretty cool. My humans love me, my sister...well, I'll win her over at some point...and I have a real nice place to play in, sort of like my own personal Valhalla. I'm a lucky kitty. Fortunately, they didn't call me Lucky. I mean really. I'm a god.  Odin has a much better ring to it, don't you think?

I have to go now. Mummy has laces on her shoes that need to be chewed. I have to show her how to do it properly. And then we'll take a nap. She says I wear her out and drive her to drink. I show her my water bowl. I'll share. I'm good that way.

Purrs and snuggles,


(Mummy says I am funny when I sleep. She should see what SHE looks like. Hah.)

(If you have room in your home and your heart, please consider offering a furrever home to a fellow feline?  I shudder to think what would have happened to Odin if we hadn't fallen in love with his little cockeyed face. Adoption is easy and not that expensive. All reputable adoption centers ensure the animal's health and - like Odin - spay and neuter prior to adoption.     Thank you.
Odin's Mummy)